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Sildenafil Citrate(Generic Viagra) is not inferior to its analogue at all. Only one difference between Generic and branded drug Viagra is that Generic Viagra differs in their pill shape, colour and taste. Thus, efficiency and general action does not change. Chemical compound, action, quality, influence and duration of Generic Viagra are absolutely the same, comparing to branded Viagra.
If you want to start a new life, become a successful male in your private life and with minimum expenses, Generic Viagra is for you. Think over, the same effect, but at more affordable price, all this is worth it.
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Mistakes in names of Viagra: Viagar, Viaga, Viagara, Vigra, Veagra


Tadalafil(Generic Cialis) is the same highly effective medication as Cialis. They have identical action and function, but Generic drug only differs by the fact that till patent name term expired, none is allowed to manufacture drug under the same name, only the company Eli Lilly, owner of branded name of Cialis. Also in contrast to its famous analogue Generic Cialis has more attractive price. It costs much cheaper, but the same effect should be noted once again. And here this is true. The matter is that huge money has been spent for brand promotion and Cialis is on sale at expensive price to pay back expenses.
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Generic Levitra - VardenafilVardenafil(Generic Levitra) does not differ from its branded Levitra analogue, except, certainly, for the price. In contrast to branded names, Generic forms manufacturing do not spend huge money for clinical trials, promotion and advertising. They just manufacture the drug precisely the same, and the money not spent for advertising, remain at Generic forms manufacturing. Therefore these medications have such a low price.
Generic Levitra works more effectively and faster comparing to Viagra which, by the way, seems to be out of competition. It is perfectly tolerated and shows in practice excellent effect. Levitra, a phosphodiesterase inhibitor works by improving the circulation of blood to the penis thereby boosting the chances of getting and maintaining the erection. Generic Levitra is quickly absorbed, in about 10-30 minutes after taking starts to work and its action lasts up to 12 hours.
Dosage: Generic Levitra 20mg
Mistakes in names of Levitra: Lavitra, Livetra, Lavetra, Levitras, Livitra, Levrita, Levitran